At Myriad Software, we provide comprehensive, instructor-led training classes for all of our clients. Our goal is to help you quickly and efficiently use our software, which also means a quicker return on your investment. Better yet, the training is free and is often completed in only four days!

Our small-class environment and individualized focus ensures a personalized approach and stronger retention. Our instructors are trained professionals who provide dynamic, hands-on instruction in a comfortable, professional environment. Each student also learns and practices using the software with challenging, real-life scenarios.

Our classes are primarily offered in San Diego, but on-site classes are also available. With products designed to be easy to learn and use, your team can bring their knowledge back home and train others within your organization.

Clients leave the training class with an implementation plan and are assigned a Myriad training specialist. Our training specialist assists and encourages each client throughout the entire implementation process, until they are comfortable with the software and are ready to go live.

Beyond the go-live stage, the support staff in our client services department offer an on-going working relationship with each client. Unlimited support is also available through our toll-free number.

Additional help on best business practices, on-site instruction, and specialized classes are available. We provide on-going training through our annual user conference and our talented staff at Myriad Software. Working together as a team, we aspire for our software and our people to surpass your company’s objectives and exceed your expectations.