With PointCentric™, gone are the days of dedicated, on-premise software where you must lead customers to a sales desk in the back corner of your store to complete transactions – often reminiscent of a car-buying process.

Instead, your sales team can now bring a flexible, mobile retail management system onto your show floor to smartly engage with customers, customize selections and finalize orders – all while the customer enjoys the comfortable confines of the sofa or chair they are buying.

This is all thanks to the fact that PointCentric is completely cloud-based, meaning users can access the system on any browser and on any device, no matter if it’s a laptop or tablet. And it’s not just a watered-down RMS, it’s a fully functional system at your fingertips.

These cloud-based capabilities also eliminate the need to purchase and maintain expensive back-office servers and technology to house antiquated premise-based software. In addition, we maintain a back-up of your entire system in the cloud to help with your disaster preparedness.

So let PointCentric bring mobility to your business today.