If there’s a single feature that makes PointCentric™ stand out from the competition, it’s our Inventory Lookup capability. With our software, you can gain instant and complete inventory visibility across your entire organization.

You not only get visibility into whether a particular item is in stock at the store, warehouse or other location, but our modern interface also offers visibility in the form of a clean and attractive user experience for your employees and customers alike.

Each product entry gives your sales team accurate product information and availability to assist customers and properly set (and exceed) their expectations. You’re also able to upload photos, designs and product information to help aid in the sales process.

Our Inventory Lookup feature also provides the option to customize each product based on a variety of factors, including color, material and much more. Once customized, the employee can then easily determine if the item is in stock, or if it needs to be ordered.


In addition to these premium features, PointCentric offers easy-to-use searchability and filter capabilities to help your employees quickly find your customers’ desired products.

Take stock of your inventory management system today and let us know how we can help!